Saturday, September 17, 2011

Mobile report #3 - SiFest 2011

For the third year in a row, I come back from the Savignano Immagini Festival (aka SiFest) with my eyes (and my ears) full of photography, of thoughts about photography, of faces from the world of photography. The 20th edition has been up to the task of celebrating such an important anniversary, and I will share some impressions with you through some posts on this blog. First a little photographic report from some of the exhibitions, then over the next few days we'll move to some really interesting photographers I discovered during last weekend, as well some new and some familiar names who received awards from the festival.

Guido Guidi, Carlo Scarpa's Tomba Brion

Massimo Mastrorillo, Temporary? Landscapes

Simon Roberts, Una Storia Italiana

Sin_tesis lab #03, Unstable landscapes, a workshop with Simon Roberts

Bas Princen, Refuse: Five Cities

Henk Wildschut, Shelter

Frank Breuer, Poles

Roderick Henderson, Transvoid

Marco Zanta, Tripoli talks, unfinished work

Michael Wolf, Tokyo Compression

Miroslav Tichy, Retrospettiva

Rob Hornstra/Arnold Van Bruggen, Empty Land, Promised Land, Forbidden Land

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