Thursday, September 29, 2011

FOTOGRAFIA Festival 2011

The tenth edition of the FOTOGRAFIA Festival in Rome is currently underway, and the offer this year is quite rich and interesting, as the screenshots below suggest.

From the widely reported Alec Soth's commissioned work about the city of Rome (see here or here) to an excellent group show about Italian photographers, to go on with 3/3 and their focus on Japan, or Rob Hornstra's New Dutch Storytellers, well there's plenty to see and I dare to say that more than any past edition this year the festival feels like a serious attempt to look into what is moving today, in Italy and abroad, in what we try to contain under the term contemporary photography. Rather than flattening the selection of artists over prefabricated formulas, this time the challenge is much more for the viewers to find their own way thrugh what it might at first look contradictory, but in the end it's just rich and promising diversity.

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