Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Recent acquisitions

- Trying to keep up with the general trend

The wind of photobooks, photomagazines and most of all self-publishing is blowing strong, we all know that. It is hard to resist, and every time a parcel knocks at my door hiding a treasure I feel happy as a child, eager to feel the consistency and the smell of the paper. I also want to thank all those who gave me the fruits of their labour as a gift, as there is hardly such a special thing as receiving a book from the hands of those who worked hard to make it real. Sometimes I receive one as a thank you for something I have written, for having tried to promote it maybe, and I always feel a disproportion in that, which inevitably makes me accept it with an embarrassed smile, often after having made some clumsy attempts to pay for it anyway.

Following is a list of titles I recently put my hands on, and more will come soon.

On the other side of the mountains, multi-functional newspaper-cum-exhibition, The Sochi Project-Rob Hornstra/Arnold van Bruggen

Visions and Documents, by Documentary Platform, 10 books in a box, edition of 150

Villaggio Olimpico Roma, by [nove] photography, Postcart Ed.

Conditions, by Andrés Marroquín Winkelmann, edition of 300, Meier und Müller

Indian Photographs, by Massimo Sordi, edition of 1000

NATURAE, exhibition catalogue, curated by Steve Bisson, published by Urbanautica

720 - (Two times around), by Andrew Phelps, edition of 100, SOLD OUT

Coliseum, by Robert Parkinson, edition of 50, Preston is my Paris Publishing

Thank you for travelling with Northern Rail, by Adam Murray, edition of 50, Preston is my Paris Publishing

Teller Magazine #1, published by Trolley Books

Various issues of Fw:, published by Fw: Photography

Various issues of L'heliotrope, by Frédéric Iovino & Pierre Rogeaux


Giorgio Cecca said...

In my opinion, one should send you a photobook for every interesting post you write on your blog.

I haven't published mine but maybe one day...

Ciao e grazie.

Fabio Severo said...

Thanks very much, far too kind..