Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Social weave

public tracks, 01, 2010

Mutations III is landing at the upcoming Rome's international festival FotoGrafia (click on the Europan month of photography link, upper left corner of the festival's page) with a selection of "European artists who share a taste for experimenting with new forms of expression concerning the net and its plethora of pictures and are aware of these new approaches to photography". All and nothing, one could argue, but the exhibition do feature interesting photography, like produce-it-yourself superstars Rob Hornstra & Arnold van Bruggen, the recently mentioned friends from Documentary Platform and Hubert Blanz's latest virtual world, Public Tracks, abstract images made with imaginary patterns of friendships and connections derived from one real Facebook account - to put it short, the tighter your social weave is, the better you are. And I guess a photographic festival is a perfect place to raise this kind of issue, isn't it?

public tracks, 02, 2010

All images © Hubert Blanz

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