Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sewing the space

Dover, UK

"The open works of this exhibition Places have no entrances or exits, but imaginary zones for shifting and changing direction, for slippage in the imaginary. Carcasses of abandoned architecture are presented to be forgotten against a signscape of vertical pinnacles, horizontal stretching, slipping into the void."

- Viana Conti

Seven Sister, UK

You could start exploring the work of Stefania Beretta from many different entry points, choosing between dyptics of troubled urban views, Sicilian caves, burnt woods, interior of rooms, sketches of India, collage: I chose the knitted landscapes, you might want to start from something else, just take your time to go through everything, there is a lot to see.

Seven Sister, UK

All images taken from Places, 2006 © Stefania Beretta

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