Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lapsus Magazine

Ana Himes e Carlos Albalà hanno creato una nuova rivista fotografica on line, Lapsus Magazine: il primo numero è un portfolio collettivo, dove il flusso delle immagini di molti autori scrive una storia silenziosa, lasciando da parte ogni parola.
La lista dei fotografi partecipanti qui.

© Yann Orhan

Ana Himes and Carlos Albalà gave birth to a new online photomagazine, Lapsus Magazine: the first issue is a collective portfolio where the flow of images by several authors writes a silent story, leaving any word aside.
Here's the list of the participating photographers.

© Todd Hido

1 comment:

Tyler Monson said...

Lovely concept, nice execution, enticing imagery but, again, I am left frustrated because I cannot stick my nose in the images — see the details.

Rather like going to an exhibit of Vermeer paintings and not being permitted to stand closer than five meters!