Sunday, March 8, 2009

"Did you know that..."

Nam Dinh, South of Hanoi, Vietnam May 25th, 1954. The last photo taken by Robert Capa. With his next step, he set off a landmine.

"La guerra è come un'attrice che invecchia: sempre più pericolosa e sempre meno fotogenica".

Robert Capa

Per chi vuole sempre avere a portata di mano la giusta citazione su qualsiasi fotografo, è pronto online un database di citazioni fotografiche. Buon divertimento.

"War is like an aging actress: more and more dangerous and less and less photogenic".
Robert Capa

Want to sound smart picking the right quote about any photographer you're talking about? Well, somebody thought about that and put online a database of Quotes about Photography, so help yourself and get ready for your next punchline or witty remark.

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