Thursday, October 14, 2010

Automotive beauty

New Eagle Garage, Rotterdam, 2009

Garage, by Jan Adriaans:

"My project started in Cairo (Egypt) where I was fascinated by the enormous amount of cars in the city. In contrast with the Netherlands, cars, often old and full of scratches, are repaired outside the garages in the street. Significant is that all car-workshops are very small and very specialised. The upholstery of car seats is situated next to the car mechanic and the car radio specialist. This way the car can stay outside and the mechanics move from one car to the other, until the whole car is fixed."

Prestige Garage, Rotterdam, 2010

"The metamorphosis of the damaged car into one as good as new is like a healing process, an almost physical sensation. Inside in the garages, the spaces look like installations where the repaired product is hung on the wall like it has special powers. In my photography the adoration of the shining car material is the main subject."

Downtown Garage, Cairo, 2008

All images © Jan Adriaans

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