Wednesday, May 11, 2011

More shelters

Thanks to J. Wesley Brown I discovered one more 'shelter photographer', Andrew Bush. It is interesting how different authors can go towards the same thing and with a similar attitude, same kind of spirit. Discreetness, simplicity, cooperation/interaction with who you photograph, all things that I like in photography.

Maybe shelters strike a chord in photographers, something about the fact that they call for the need of something else, something that can be used to evoke a bigger story, a struggle for life, a struggle for safety, or who knows what else. Symbols and metaphors are always a curse and a blessing for photography, and can be easily abused. What I like about all these shelter works is that their style is peaceful enough to let me imagine my own story, without any imposed morale pretending to guide me.
But Andrew Bush is not only about that, his work is made of many different series where he acts like a collector of pieces of daily life, little typologies of the all the everyday things we always look at, but rarely see.

Jacques Derrida's room of his published books in his home in Ris Orange, France, 2001

All images © Andrew Bush


sewa mobil said...

Nice article, thanks for sharing.

J. Wesley Brown said...

Another Angeleno, Anthony Hernandez, also shot them decades ago. We have a lot of homeless people here: