Saturday, June 26, 2010

Film & Flash Archive

In anticipation of the re-opening of my blogging activity (a few days left), a quick promotion for the latest
mus-mus collective project: Film & Flash Archive.

There's a few days left to participate, you don't want to miss it!

Here's the launch:

"Hey! Got old flash or film hanging around in your studio? Want to put it to good use?

Don't take a picture with it -- take a picture of it. Team mus-mus is looking for your help with an archive that will let us all see film and flash products that we're bidding au revoir, leaving behind, or perhaps still clinging desperately to. Since George Eastman first invented an emulsion coating machine to mass-produce photographic dry plates in 1879, commercially available photography technology has been a sustaining feature of the photographer's practice. As old technologies are increasingly falling away and sometimes re-emerging in new 'skins', it will be interesting to take a collective worldwide snapshot of what's on hand in studios (and maybe flea markets) now that are gone from stores or will be tomorrow."

Submission details at the project's page - have fun!

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