Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Eastern platforms

"On the 31st of August I had to photograph the traffic jam. I came to the place, but there was no jam. To get the picture I had a possiblity to throw a brick on the highway or to choose the less painful way - to go home and make the photo in peace. (The most crucial issues for the newspaper "Denik" are traffic jams, dirty streets and parks, homeless, foreigners and the weather.)"

My Newspaper © Ivars Gravlejs

Here's a platform worth of some time spent surfing the net (as if most of us don't do that already enough, our poor eyes...):

"Photo.sittcomm.sk is a web based project aimed at discovering and presenting young artists from Central and Eastern Europe working with video & photography."

Some random finds? Try Ivars Gravlejs' My Newspaper or Szymon Roginski's night scenes, to start.

Ecco una piattaforma che merita un bel po' di tempo da spendere navigando in rete (come se molti di noi già non lo facessero, poveri i nostri occhi...):

"Photo.sittcomm.sk è un progetto on line volto a scoprire e a presentare giovani artisti dell'Europa centrale e orientale che lavorano con il video e la fotografia."

Qualche anticipazione un po' a casaccio: provate My Newspaper di Ivars Gravlejs o i notturni di Szymon Roginski, per cominciare.

Szymon Roginski, PROJEKT UFO #18

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