Saturday, November 5, 2011

Contingency plans

Fresh from a G20 summit which failed to agree on a plan to arrest the ongoing global recession, and in the middle of the various "Occupy" protests happening in different cities, I ran into Immo Klink and his project Security, which shows the deployment of police forces during international meetings of heads of state and summits alike. I especially like the night photographs, where policemen become like menacing fireflies scattered all over, thanks to the clever use of a flashlight, while the Gleneagles series shows them in the middle of the green of the countryside, looking a bit lost, as if somebody threw them in the middle of it, while they are still trying to figure out where they are.

Klink has another project called European Communities, a hommage to those communities living in nature in makeshift houses (or not, some are quite remarkable and solid), divided in three chapters: Shelter, Life, Dwellers. This adds another series to the survey of photographic works about shelters I have ben doing recently - see previous chapters here, here and here.

People living in shelters among the woods on one side, police everywhere on the other: is this man trying to predict Europe's near future?

All images © Immo Klink

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