Thursday, March 3, 2011

Night drama

Tommaso Fiscaletti often goes out at night, through dark streets and empty amusement parks, or spying the lit windows of rows of apartments. Sometimes he walks inside those houses, where the fiction of life takes place, with characters posing like statues, frozen while performing actions reminding of obscure rituals.

A feeling of loneliness and slight alienation pervades those domestic night scenes, and looking at them all together I get the funny feeling I am strolling inside one big mural by Gregory Crewdson: moving from one room to the other of eerie houses, then going outside, hiding behind a bush, then looking inside the car on that corner, just under the street lamp.

Gregory Crewdson, Untitled, Summer 2006

(found via 3/3, curators of an exhibition of photographs by Fiscaletti opening at Maelstrom Art Gallery in Milan on March 10)

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:: ° Aliquina ° :: said...

Love him.