Saturday, February 19, 2011

Photographic noise

We all know that these days looking at photography has become more and more an immaterial experience, and my fear is that if we lose the habit of watching physical images, what will we be really looking for in a picture in the end?

If you listen to music on a crappy stereo (with a tiny mp3), what you get is basically just the melody, because all the rest gets lost. But what if you listen to something that has no melody, for example?
Can we say that a computer monitor is the equivalent of a crappy stereo, ultimately?

And, most important, what is the melody in a photograph?

These Saturday morning thoughts brought to my mind the work of Maria Dabrowski, and I am not sure if it's for her photographs, for her book design (she's Dutch) or for her website as a whole: the intimate storytelling of her images is perfectly matched by the retro look of her online portfolios, where collages, old paper folders and a general feeling of found photos makes you feel like there's a vinyl crackling in the background while you're browsing through the pages.

All images © Maria Dabrowski

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