Wednesday, March 10, 2010

In a magazine

From Unless You Will #5:

"Tuesdays which feel like mondays and months slipping by in no time. Once again, I can not believe another month has passed, but below is the new issue of UYW.

At the heart of this journal you’ll find five artists who use photography as an art that transforms their world into stills, touching upon telling stories that strive for new visions. Often I imagine them to work in complete silence, their eyes trained intensely on refinement. These images are a little love affair which seduce and hypnotise - they are a source of inspiration, perfectly balanced and reduced to their most basic essence."

Darren Rigo > displacement
Fabio Severo > portraits
Justin Walker > fathers mine
Rodolfo Vanmarcke > modern solitudes
Steven Beckly > little wolf

Thank you, Heidi.

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