Monday, July 7, 2008

Weather Photos

Hege Dons Samset, from the Weather Photos project.

Miriam Songster, from the Weather Photos project.

Miriam Songster, artista di New York, ha scritto per comunicare l’inizio di Weather Photos, un progetto fotografico ‘polifonico’ ideato insieme alla fotografa e videoartista tedesca Hege Dons Samset sul tema del tempo e dei mutamenti atmosferici e di come questi possono tradursi in mutamenti interiori e prendere la forma di un dialogo tra due persone. Il progetto prevede la partecipazione di diverse persone da varie parti del mondo, di seguito riporto il testo di presentazione per chi voglia partecipare allo ‘scambio fotografico’.

Miriam Songster
, a NY based artist, wrote to announce the launch of Weather Photos, a ‘polyphonic’ photographic project she created with German photographer and videoartist Hege Dons Samset. The main theme is the weather and all its mutations and how these connect with emotions and take the shape of a dialogue through images.
The project aims at involving many people from different parts of the world – for all those who might be interested in taking part to it, here’s their presentation of the project.


"Two artists, Miriam Songster in NY (conceptual and installation art) and Hege Dons Samset in Berlin (photography and video) are coordinating a photography-based project for The Transcultural Exchange. We are looking for other people, artists and non-artists alike, to participate by sharing photographs with partners across the globe.

The idea behind the project is to use photographs to communicate feelings about the weather. Over a two-week period you and a partner across the globe will send one photo a day to the project blog. We are interested in the shifts in emotion or mood that might be portrayed in the photos, so you can use this project as a way to get to know someone better or to develop ties to someone new.

Let us know if you have a partner in mind or if you want us to hook you up with one, and if you have a preference for where that partner is located (preferably someplace with different weather patterns than the ones in your area). You might also choose to participate while you are traveling and share your photos with a partner at home. And if your job is weather-dependent we will be extremely happy if you participate.

All of the photo sets will be available via the project blog, which will become a reference for both weather and emotion, across geography and time. The project will take place over 9 months ending in March 2009 and you can choose to participate at any time during this period. You have to commit to two weeks of photo swapping but you can continue for a longer time if you want.

To participate please email Miriam at:
There’s no requirement for participation but please include some basic info such as where you live, when you think you’ll want to share photos (approximate dates), who you have in mind as a partner or where you would like us to locate a partner for you, and a sentence or two addressing why you’re interested in the project. If you can also tell us how you found out about the project that would be great".

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